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Dean is a supporter of CTIS Events and attended the Greenfield Lent Course among other things. A few people have expressed an interest in this meal. Rosie Banham, our Christian Aid Secretary suggests that we contact her at  if interested so that a group might go from here.

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Sent: 17 May 2017 13:14
To: Dorothy Roberts
Cc: Rosie Banham
Subject: Christian Aid Meal


Good afternoon, Dorothy,


A word of introduction


I moved into Grasscroft a year ago but my wife, Marion, and I still attend Thrum Hall Methodist Church in Rochdale.


However, I have become involved with Christian Aid in Saddleworth. I have suggested to Rosie that there might be Christian Aid supporters who might be interested in a Christian Aid meal which takes place in Milnrow each year. We are circulating details of the meal and Rosie suggested that I might ask you to forward similar information to churches on your distribution list.


The poster is attached.


Thanks and God bless, Dean




This email came from the residence of Marion and Dean Sherriff

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