Week of Accompanied Prayer – Message and Info from Bernard Bickers

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Subject: FW: Week of Accompanied Prayer – Message and Info from Bernard Bickers for CTIS




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Subject: FW: Week of Accompanied Prayer – Message and Info from Bernard Bickers for CTIS


Hi everyone,

Please read the message from Bernard below and see the attachment. Bernard has run this a couple of times now with very positive feedback so please circulate a.s.a.p. to anyone who might be interested. As you can see time is of the essence.

Many thanks,



From: Bernard Bickers [mailto:Bernard.Bickers@sacredheartparish.org.uk]
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Subject: Week of Accompanied Prayer


Good Morning Dorothy,

Would you please give my apologies for not attending next Monday’s meeting.  The Bishop of Leeds is launching a New Confirmation programme for the Diocese and we have been ‘asked’ to attend along with a catechist from the parish.  I am sorry not to be at the CTIS meeting because I would have liked to speak to the leaflet (attached) concerning The Week of Accompanied Prayer.  It will take place from Monday 26th February to Friday 2nd March here in the presbytery.  There is an Information Meeting on SUNDAY 18th February at 4.00pm here in the presbytery for anyone interested and to allocate times for meeting with the companion.  I appreciate that this is short(ish) notice and would really be grateful for a quick response from anyone wishing to take part.  01457 872603  or bernard.bickers@sacredheartparish.org.uk


Many thanks for all you continue to do.

Go gently, Bernard


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